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Our Criteria

 We would love to use our services to help everyone we can to achieve high success levels. We select our clients very carefully, along with a reasonable set of criteria that needs to be met before proceeding. We, however, must unfortunately limit the number of clients we work with at any given time in order to ensure the highest attention to your company’s success.
We work with clients that currently have:
1.    A Healthy Active Business. [You should already be currently functioning as an active business, yet ready to take it to the next level]
2.    A Flow Of Customers.. [You currently run ads, promote & sell your product or service.]
3.    A Solid Product And Good Reputation. [By working cooperatively together, we can make great strides in bringing you more sales and profits, while doing it in a way that creates good will in your market]
We Will Not Work With
• Start Up Sites
• Adult-Themed Sites
• Get Rich Quick Sites
That’s all we require.
If you meet these prerequisites and would like to move forward into getting incredible results for your business, please feel free to fill out our form here and tell us about your company.
It’s not painstaking…just a few questions, so that we have a pretty good idea of what you’re selling and what offers or goals you are looking to achieve. That way we can custom-tailor a plan to help grow your revenue. So, all fields are required.
Your first step to increased success is filling out the Discovery Form. Thank you.

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