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Would Having Your Business Website On The Front Page Of A Google Search Be Valuable To Your Company?

That is where 90% of the people click when they are searching for products & services that you have to offer. Ranking within the top 5 spots & particularly the top 2 are HIGHLY sought after. This can sometimes mean upwards of a difference of millions of dollars per year in revenue for a company. Don’t let your company get lost in the SERPs!

If Your Competition Is There Instead Of You… Then You Are Losing Money!!

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National SEO Expert 


Finnegan Seo Digital Marketing

Finnegan Seo Digital Marketing is a National Search Engine Marketing Service (SEM) that turbo boosts your company’s website to page one on Google. Search engine optimization has become highly sought after these days due to the high competition of businesses online. It has become apparent that unless your website appears on the first page of the search engines, that you are essentially invisible!

It has been proven that over 90% of people don’t venture beyond the 1st page when they are searching for something. If your business isn’t found there, then your competitors are getting your customers everyday that you are not there! Ads are short-lived and when you stop paying for them…they disappear! (Even when you are are using them, you are usually in rotation with the other companies using the same ads).

Did you know that if you are using Google Ad-words and 1,000 people advertise for that ad spot, that 100 of the advertisers will split 10% of the clicks. Whereas the #1 spot organically, will get 400 of those clicks. (40%) Definitely the way to go!

Quality Seo allows you to get to the first page 24/7 for constant, free, organic traffic…ongoing! We pride ourselves on being one of the top seo services around. We know how to analyze, optimize your website and put together a business strategy in order to get the first page rankings necessary for the keyword terms you need. This is all with the end focus on getting more targeted traffic to your site with the interest of a higher ROI for YOU!

Building A Brand

Building a Brand for your company or your company’s product(s) or service(s) should be a priority for your online presence. This is where a National website designer can come into play building a highly optimized site for your business. Promoting your brand through social media has also become a necessity these days in order to stay in communication with your audience. By keeping in contact this way, it allows you to share new product releases, services or just plain old customer service tips that help build a better relationship with your audience and reputation for your brand. With the increasing use of mobile devices, making your website mobile friendly is also a requirement anymore by the search engines and helps tremendously with your appearance on the web.

Why An Seo Expert

Using a well-qualified National SEO Expert is crucial. Big seo companies are not necessarily the way to go. Did you know that most of them outsource their work to an expert and seo consultant such as myself and end up charging you for it? Here you have more personalized attention, yet the direct experience and proven results to get you where you need to go.

Using our expertise to help you achieve top rankings in the search engines is a well spent investment for your business. And that’s exactly what it is. Different from just a means of advertisement, search engine optimization takes a look at a full scope of underlying requirements that are essential to your company’s website in order for it to even begin to rank in the search engines.

Requirements that range from the mere structure of your website to title tags, descriptions, keywords, links, original content and a plethora of other things that can be tweaked and in addition to that, many other off page strategies that can be employed in order to make things very lucrative for your business.

With an online presence, especially being on the first page of a search engine for your business’ keywords (where over 90% of the clicks happen), we have helped many businesses skyrocket their ROI. Dan is a local SEO expert in his city as well and has helped many local businesses achieve a page one ranking in Google.

Choosing The Best SEO Company

Choosing the right National SEO Company is a decision that should be made carefully. Ask yourself…do I really want to just hire a run-of-the-mill company that ‘saves me money’, doing the minimum cookie-cutter techniques, yet isn’t even able to rank their own company on the first page? Or do I want someone who can make a firm seo decision and actually get the job done. As a leader in Seo solutions, we use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) top industry standards.

Looking for a professional seo guru? At Finnegan SEO, we’re a top seo digital marketing company that actually cares about your company and its own unique needs and goals. We work directly with you, answering your questions and directing your website to the top of the search engines. We will analyze your company’s website and make sure its pages are optimized correctly. Each page can be specifically targeted to different keywords that you want to rank for.

Keep in mind results are usually not immediate, but can take some time to achieve. The more competitive a keyword is, the more challenging it will be, but this is definitely achievable and may take several months before seeing desired results. Think of it as planning to win a marathon as opposed to a quick race. It’s just part of the game and well worth it. We have proven it over and over again.

Finnegan Seo,Harrisburg Seo,Pittsburgh Seo, Philadelphia Seo,

Web Site Design

Looking for a new web site design? Finnegan Seo can build you a Beautiful, Modern, Responsive Website with built-in on-page seo included. We appreciate not only the visual appearance of your website, but its practicality. We know what it requires on the structural side of things in order for it to do its best job for you out on the web & in the search engines for the best visibility. And yes, it will be mobile friendly as well as secure! Google also looks at these factors when it considers your rankings and we take care of that for you right from the start. Call us today to talk about your ideas.


Web Design

Mobile Friendly Websites


We can help you optimize your website and make it mobile friendly so you can be found on Google and help you dominate your competition.

Video marketing

Video Marketing


Using video to market your business online is an essential tool to growing your brand and expanding your client base.

Social Media

Social Media


Build your brand and engage your customer base with social media. Your customers are talking about you on social media – be part of the conversation

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