Link Building

Link Building

Link building has been a changing art in itself over the last few decades. It has been used for spamming purposes, attacks on websites to bring competition down or if used correctly, to build a business to a high level. In the old days, it has been a long, tedious procedure typing link after link, trying to get someone to trade links with, without getting spammed.

This ongoing art form still has its roots in website ranking. Nowadays, it takes quite a bit more factors to really deliver the power it needs to push a website up. The relevance and content of the site that the link is coming from has really come into play. If you are looking for the most power from a link source, you want it to come from a high DA (domain authority) source. The higher the better.

Also, the more niche relevant the better. These are probably two of the biggest factors to look for if you want a powerful, solid link. But there are other factors too. What links are pointing to that link? What is giving that powerful link its power?

Builder Beware

Do your diligent research. If the backlinks to the powerful link you are using are coming from spammy links, it might give a temporary power boost to that site. But don’t be fooled, it will be a matter of time before those backlinks come back to bite you with a penalty.

If you do the correct research on your backlinks, it will go a long way of ensuring you are building a solid foundation for your website.

Link Communities

Link building with other similar communities is an excellent way to interconnect a large array of solid, quality links that can help fortify your website. Link swapping, blogging and other outreach methods are all part of modern day link building.

Quality Vs. Quantity

Although quantity used to be the name of the game (hence all the spamming), it has since turned into more of a quality game out of necessity. Although quantity does play a part here, its main play comes along when it is met with the quality of those links. So, the more quantity of quality links a site has, the better. So, along with site age and a vast array of solid, quality links, you are well on your way to increasing the authority of your own site.


Now that you have an idea of what it takes to get the right types of links that work in today’s world, it may seem still like a lot of work. Well, it is. But with all hard work comes innovation. And just as there were tools created for spamming, there are, however, tools built to aid us in getting links the correct way as well.We hope that these tools can help you in your quest to building powerful, quality links for your website.

Some good link building tools can be found here:










Outreach Mama






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